From start to finish

 Here you find, photos of the start to  finish of my Mariachi band doll submission.

Stuffed dolls mounted on wood base.

Three sets on hands waiting for their clay skin.

Hands on  and in position.  A little of newspaper stuffing to.

One down two to go.

Two down and one to go.

All three done.. 

Shoes and floor going on.

Shoes done!

Hurry and dry so I can paint you!!

 Letting the face and base dry so, I can paint the cheeks and around the base a little!!

Back view of  hats.

Pants on! Now the jackets!

Suits on, now for the BLING and to finish the instruments!
Almost done!!

And here they are all FINISHED!!!
They have been packaged up and mailed in!! Fingers crossed!!!

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Anonymous said...

Really good web page organized around creative doll/sculptures. Your work is quite good, wish I had the same confidence. Never sure of my creativity I give all of my dolls away to children in need.