Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Folkart Santos dolls in the works....

Today, I am working on a few new dolls.  I started yesterday and continued today.
I  finished  with the clay and need to start sewing the other dolls . I see it is 5;00 p.m. here and I have the tv timed for the British bake off and Downton Abbey!!! The only thing is the tv isn't on!! (hehehe) So,  first thing, go turn the tv on, so, the timer can do it's job!!!!!!! (check)!!!
I snapped a couple photos of the work in progress for today!!
Enjoy and have a great evening!!!!


Leanne E said...

Love the one on the right! Happy 2015 :)

sculpturesgalore said...

Thank You!! Happy 2015!!!