Saturday, November 22, 2014

Three Santos dolls in progress........

I am almost finished with my three Santos dolls! Well,  two at lease!! hehehehe...
I have finished painting the two on the left and now putting on all their stuff!! I am in the process of painting the girl one on the right but realized I forgot to sculpted her arms on!!! So she is on the clay table right now and is almost dry.  I am in the painting mood and she is not ready!! So.......I  have three dolls that need their stuff sewed on so I am sewing while she drying......
I still need to do a piece for the magazine contest in black and white.  I am having such a hard time coming up with something and the time is ticking ticking away!!!! I have to have it in by December 15th!!! I think I like the pressure!! (no not really! hehehe) Well,  whatever the time I will have it done and in by the 15th!!!!!!!!!! I added a couple of black and white photos of the progress.  I should have them done by tonight so,  I will post a color photo tomorrow of them all!!!!!!! (I hope!!) hehehehe!!
Have a great afternoon!!
Three Santos in progress...Excuse all the clutter in the background.. 
To much stuff pulled out right now!!!!!

Three dolls in their progress... The one in the back is going to be an angel doll so she needs her wings and the other two need their fringe, arms and buttons sewed on!!! 

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