Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Work in progress for today....Santos dolls, candy dishes and little dolls

I started last night on a few different works and got to a point where I had to wait for them to dry!! and I was short one Santos doll body.   Sad face!!  So I snapped a few photos of the progress. Hehe!!
Here is the four new Santos Dolls I am working on....

I am stuffing the Santos Dolls with their fluff!!
This is the beginning of my Santa head candy jars!
and here is my little dollie waiting for more clay, her clothes, her hair  and her paint!!
I have some BIG fleur de lis  and Pelican sitting on a boat launch pole sculptures I want to do... They are going to be big outside or inside sculptures!! I have all my supplies and drawing ready I just need to get to work on them  them!!!!
There is a big Art walk I want to do and I want to do BIG sculptures instead of dolls!!But if I don't get to do the Art walk I am definitely going to try and do an Antique, Art and crafts festival in October!!! So my fingers are crossed and empty boxes are waiting to be filled!!!
Have a great day!!!




Leanne E said...

Love seeing your work in progress :)

sculpturesgalore said...

Thank You!