Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014....

Today is January 1,  2014!! It is a gray day here.  It is cold and wet! But, I am excited because, I have things already to go for the new year!!! Starting with, I have challenged myself to do 10 mini cage dolls in 10 days! So, today is day 1 and I did get doll 1 finished!! I am off to a good start and now if  I can just keep it up..Hehehe! Also, I will be making mini hearts for Valentine's Day!! So, I have a lot of fun ahead of me!!
 I snapped a quick photo of some dollies I will be sculpting and a peek at my first one  finished is in the top right corner..Hope you enjoy....
Now, off to cook the New Year lunch of luck and money in which my oldest son has informed me does not work because I have no special luck or money!!! hehehehe!!! He said that because I told him and his little brother that they had to take at least a bite for the new year!!!!!and they hate cabbage and black eye peas!! But Grandmaw always said," don't forget to eat your luck and money for the new year!!!" We always have and we always will Grandmaw and  maybe one of these days it will work!!!!!!!!!hehehehehe!!!
 Happy 2014 everyone and have a GREAT day!!!!!!


Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Wishing you Luck on your cage dolls....looking cute so far. And money to follow :)

Happy New Year!

Leanne E said...

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for your art :)

sculpturesgalore said...

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!Summer and Leanne!!!!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wishing you much luck that you accomplish your goals!!!
Happy New Year!

sculpturesgalore said...

Thanks Robin!!