Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday's worktable....

Well,  I worked late last night getting my mini Santas all glued up so, I could paint them today!!and the photo below shows them is progress!! I got them base coated and now to let them dry so I can finish painting them!!!! I also snapped a photo of the snowman that will have a cage bottom to!!
My mermaids took a little longer than over night to dry!! I went wild with the glue water!!!!heheheehe!! I wanted to make sure it would dry hard when it dried!! and I definitely got my wish..They have dried and they are very stiff!!!! I didn't get a photo because I am working on them tonight!! So, I will snap a photo tomorrow and post it!!!! Below is my mini Santa cage dolls in progress!!!!
Have a GREAT evening!!!!

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