Monday, November 25, 2013

Mondays work table....

Well, today is one big glummy, gray, wet and lets not forget COLD day!!!! But, I got a lot of sculpting done!! I finished two Christmas candy jars,one mermaid and six mini Santos dolls with the birds!!! I was so  excited when my done table had more things than my wip table did!!! I still need to finish sculpting one mermaid and one doll head pin cushion.  I had done some pin cushions about three or four years ago for a magazine spot and felt like I wanted to make somemore!! Last time I made them from gourds and  fluff and this time I thought I would try styrofoam balls and sand..I think its going to work!! But, she is still a work in progress!! Below is a quick photo of the group, finished and almost finished!!!!
Have a great evening!!!!

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