Monday, October 14, 2013

update.... on work in progress Sunday!

Well I finished the three mini Santos Dolls, snapped their photo and listed them on my ebay!!!
Wow, I surprised myself!! I actually finished what I had planned!! I wrote it down and desperately tried to keep to the list hehehehehe! because I know I NEED to start on that tee shirt design and I wanted to get these little guys done!!! Now to stop by Hobby Lobby and get a canvas for the design! Their  theme is Oysters under the big top.....But do NOT want any clowns!! hehehehehe so......17 days left to get it done..Thats longer then I thought I had!! Oh no, I just wrote an excuse for me to use to  start later!!!!!!!!!Must stick to the list, must stick to the list!!!!!hehhehe..
Have a great evening!!

Find him HERE


Leanne E said...

Love the red one!!! Hope you make some more :)

sculpturesgalore said...

Thanks Leanne!!and they are drying!! hehehehe!!