Saturday, July 20, 2013

Self challenge.......12 Santos Dolls in 12 days..

Life has been so BUSY for the past month..I wanted to have my Santos Doll tutorial made by now but.....Life just seems to be very BUSY !!!Which I love..But, this morning , I found myself cleaning over already cleaned things so, that means LIFE has decided to settled a wee little bit!! 

So, I thought, I would challenge myself to a doll making marathon!!!!!! In 12 days LIFE will be busy again for 7 days!!!!A lot of things will get done but, it  won't be  my art or dolls!!!!!!

So, with that in mine.... I thought, I would make a Santos Doll everyday for the next 12 days starting today!!!!!and post photos about each one each day.....I think that will get the creative juices flowing and I will be able to finish my tutorial in no time!!!!!!!!

Ready? Set? Gooooooooo!!! Hobby Lobby here I come!!!!!!!!!
Have a GREAT Saturday!!!!

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