Saturday, April 20, 2013

A little progress....

O.K. my progress on my Santos dollies are slow!!I think it is slower than a snail!!But, in my defense, I have been working on a couple of festival poster entries..I just sent in the last entry about a week ago and think they have had their meeting to pick a poster.   I haven't received an email so, I don't think my poster was picked..So, that means it is  now time for a short road trip to pick them up!!!!It was fun competing and the road trip to pick them up  is even more fun!!!Hehehehe!
I snapped a couple of photos of some things in progress.
In this photo he needs his crown and dove.

 In this photo, I wanted to capture the crackle I did on his face!
and this is the first layer of a  painting I started last night.

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