Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Works in progress..Santos dolls

Well, I did not finish these guys in time to mail them in for the deadline!!I tried!
So, I am definitely going to finish them.  I have wanted to make this type of doll for a long time. I am going to go for the OLD world look, as if they were made way back in the day.!!!!
Below is a photo of the 4 dolls in their first stage...The structure stage.. They are dry and ready for the clay, which I am dying to get back into!!It has been a few months since I have sculpted, due to the painting of all those festival poster contest!!Now that  all that is  done, it is time for CLAY!!!!YAY!!!!
Have a great evening!!!!


Penny said...

I'll be looking forward to watching your progress. I love the santos doll concept.

sculpturesgalore said...

Thanks Penny!!!!