Thursday, November 15, 2012


Finally!......I got a short chance to run outside and take a few photos of my bride doll!! I have been, I should  say WE have been helping/working on a school project for my oldest!!!! A Spartan shield....while the project was fun it was just to much work!!! I wanted to make it out of cardboard and paint it to look like the real thing but he wouldn't have it!!! it had to be wood! So I went in search of a pattern only to find pictures I could not read so I had to guess the measurements!!! which made my husbands job more FUN!!!!!! I wanted rings cut big to small to pile on top of each other to form a bowl!! Yep a real life size Spartan shield!!! All  I have to say is in the end "it was worth it"!! Because he received an A,bonus points,compliments ,compliments and a permanent place on the teachers wall!!!

and here are a few photos of my bride doll......
I pinned the front of her dress up so she wouldn't trip on it..Her sleeves are to long and hang on her hands..The top is to big, can't button it so, I had to tie it to hold it on her. And the veil is hanging sideways on her head because it is to big to fit right!!!!!
So, I hope you enjoy the photos and have a great evening!!!!

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