Friday, September 21, 2012

New Witches....

I have finished some more of my witches..The first photo is of the bigger ones , the second photo is their progress stage and the third one is of the small ones!!

The three dolls on the left are the three big dolls at the top!! 
and the dolls to the right are some of the little dolls in their progress stage!!

I have been working on the tutorial video  on "how to make the little pumpkins".....I am using my sons camera and I shot the video in the highest definition it shots and now the files are to big and I have to buy a bigger storage for him to edit them for me!!! I thought I was going to have it done and up today!!So fingers crossed for tomorrow or Sunday the latest!!!...

....and it is time to start thinking about festival posters!! I enter two, so I need to get started on them....I was selected to be the official pin person for one!!! So I am elbows deep in that also!!!Having fun,can't complain and loving every minute of it all!!!!!!!!
Have a GREAT Day!!!!

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