Thursday, August 9, 2012


I just found out that my pin is the official pin of a festival here!!!YAY!! I had  posted a photo of them in progress a few post ago...(I will repost that photo).So now I get to make 200 to begin with!!! Hehehehehe!!!! I am so excited!!
Have a great evening!!!

Anita here is the close up you asked for!!!
Thanks again!!


Anita said...

Congratulations!? I think...these look very time consuming. Are they all different? Let us see a close-up of one.

sculpturesgalore said...

Thanks Anita! They are all different in some little way...Because I have to make each one; one at a time...I did make sure that they understood that they were not going to be identical because I had to make each one and they were good with that! But since they did want so many I decide to press the face.Hehehehe!!