Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Pile of dollies....

Finally, a photo of my dollies!!!! I bought a new machine because I knew I wanted to make a LOT of dollies for the up coming holiday season!! Everything was great until, I ran out of bobbin thread! I filled it back up and replaced it and the machine would not sew a nice stitch anymore!!! I was fixing to pack it back up and take it back until I read my book and realized I didn't thread the bobbin thread through the bobbin tension!!!! I fixed that and the machine is now back to sewing beautiful stitches!! (Boy was it lucky I found MY mistake!!!Hehehehehe!!)
  The photo above is a photo of 40 dollies all sewed and ready to be turned and stuffed, but I want to get all 100 sewn before I move onto the next step!!! So, that means 60 to go!!!!!!YAY!!
Have a GREAT Day!!!!

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