Monday, May 7, 2012

Ok....Finally, I finished my Steam punk style dollie!!!!!!She has been very patient as I made and gathered all of her accessories!!!! and today was her day!!!

This is her head shot..Hehehehe!!..I made her hat from a plastic cup and Styrofoam plate..Her hair is made from paper towel....Her goggles are clay,paper towel and hot glue!!!Her shirt is made from paper towel.... Her corset is made from clay and painted to look like metal!!
In the next two photos are her side views...

This is her back view...You can see the corset all laced up...
Here is a close up of the watch I  made from a plastic cup, clay and painted to look like metal.. The chain I purchased at goodwill..The face of the clock is a clip art I printed ans glued to the watch..

I had so much fun with her and I already want to do more Steam punk style dollies!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos and have a GREAT night!!!!

OH!....I will have her up on EBAY!! if anyone is interested..........

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