Saturday, May 19, 2012


Let me count the ways I HATE hats!!! The hats you see in the photo below is my 3rd set of hats for these guys!!! The first hats I had cut out and glued together, were not tall enough...My husband was walking by when I had put the hats on their heads to see what they were going to look like.....He noticed that I was staring at them and said "they are to short, that's why you don't like them"...I asked what makes you think I don't like them? and he said "you have been staring at them to long!!!" He was right they were to short!!! (Hehehehe)...So I tossed them and made a set from paper and foam plate but they didn't work either!!! I kept thinking and thinking until I came up with this set and I am very satisfied!!!! I still need to put the finishing touches before painting but at least I have a set I like!!!!!!!!!

In this photo my cloth and clay Uncle Sams are ready for the sculpting of their faces!!!
That will begin tomorrow....
Hope you enjoy!!!!
Have a great night!!!

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