Monday, July 12, 2010


Now that I am in the witch mood still (hehehehe)!! I have all of these ideas for different witches..I decided to make a larger doll and give her orange/red hair!!!
I was at the paint station at my craft store and was gathering fall colors together for some ideas and all of a sudden this idea for this witch came to me!!
So here she is in progress!!

This is a photo of her body, arms and legs.  She is going to be a weighted sitter doll(sand in her bottom) and she is made of cloth and clay!!

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Light and Shadow Studio said...

I just love your witch sculptures. Your newest has such a great face! I checked out your witches on eBay too. Have you ever thought of joining an eBay artist group? I belong to several. I suggest you might like Artistic Halloween Queens United (AHQU) and maybe BWBA (Because we believe). Both are groups of eBay artists with blog sites and AHQU has a bi-monthly market as well. The great thing about them is you put the acronym in the title of your auction and we have a large pool of customers who search for that. A great way for a just getting going artists to build clientele. Just a thought. If you are interested let me know and I will tell you how to apply and will recommend you to the leaders of the groups. There is no cost involved only need to participate and check in from time to time. Good luck with your sales. I love sculpting witches too! Tammy