Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Self Portrait challenge

Ok here is my self portrait!!! I don't like having photos taken of myself  now because I have put on some weight!!! So when I asked my son to take a picture of me he liked to have fell out.  I also instructed him to only take a head and shoulder shot!! But that went in one ear and straight out the other one because he took a head to toe shot!!! Yikes... But anyway, I got the photo I wanted and here is my painting of it. Please know I am not a portrait artist but I tried!!

I think it looks a little like me.  Like I said I knew I had put on some weight but when I saw the photos and no matter which way I held my face I saw chin rolls!!!!hehehehe.. and I thought I was hiding them by stretching  or making sure I held my neck a certain way!!hehehe Boy was I  definitely wrong!!!

So now that I forced myself to see me I am going to do something about it!!! Thank You Jane for the challenge it was fun!!!


grittyjane said...

Wow! You are a great portrait artist! Isn't it strange to paint yourself?...Thanks so much for participating in the challenge.

canngil said...

Love how you did your hair!! has texture and shows form!