Monday, March 22, 2010

Topsy-Turvy cloth and clay bunny! (two for the price of one)

I wanted to try and make a topsy-turvy doll. So I had two bunny heads that I was sculpting and I had a thought!!  I wanted to make them into one doll!!!  So here they are!!  My first Topsy-turvy bunny doll! The body is cloth and the heads are sculpted from paper clay. I gave them each a skirt with some ribbon and beads for a  belt. Their arms are cloth also. I also added some buttons on their arms and on the front of their dresses..The doll was fun to make and my family gets a kick out of flipping it and it becomes a different bunny!! So you get two bunnies for the price of one!!
BUNNY #1                                                                                          BUNNY  #2

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